SMR Nuclear Technology Pty Ltd (SMR-NT) is an independent Australian-owned specialist consulting company. It was established in 2012 to advise on and facilitate the siting, development and operation of the safe nuclear power generation technologies, principally by Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).

Specialist expertise

SMR-NT provides specialist industry knowledge on the procurement and development of nuclear technologies. We provide independent professional advice on all regulatory, engineering, technical and commercialisation issues.

We are focused on the entire nuclear fuel industry – from regulatory and legislative authorisation, to technical engineering, design, siting and development; legal, risk and compliance practices; to commercial and operational processes, and ultimately to the safe transportation and disposal of nuclear waste.

Wide opportunity

The introduction of SMRs for electricity generation in any country would provide industrial and domestic consumers with an alternative, secure, affordable and safe electric power option to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

What SMR-NT can provide

  • SMR-NT can assist its clients in the development of the safest nuclear power generation technologies.
  • SMR-NT provides expert energy industry consultancy and guidance, focused principally on SMRs
  • SMR-NT has a paramount commitment to long-term safety, security and sustainability.
  • SMRs are inherently safer and simpler to operate than larger nuclear power plants. Much of the complexity has been reduced.
  • SMRs involve natural or passive safety operation. Most larger reactors have active safety features, which are electromechanical devices engineered to provide reactor cooling and to shut off other systems in the event of a reactor incident. SMRs do not rely on electromechanical equipment to prevent serious accidents; instead they incorporate passive safety features and no external electricity supplies or pumps are required to cool the reactor in any incident.
  • SMR-NT can assist clients in leading efforts to support the introduction of SMRs to a national electricity grid.
  • SMR-NT can support the introduction by governments of a best practice legal and regulatory regime to govern the safe development and operation of SMR nuclear power generation, with the guidance of the International Atomic Energy Agency.
  • SMR-NT can work to obtain all governmental approvals for the development of SMR power generation facilities at all suitable sites.
  • SMR-NT is strongly committed to the earning of community trust through transparency and honesty.
  • SMR-NT acknowledges the importance of building relationships and engaging with communities to ensure that they are confident about the safety and security of the latest nuclear technologies.
  • SMR-NT can facilitate the development of SMRs’ low-emission base-load power in regional generation-deficient locations which could reduce the necessity for costly upgrades to the transmission grid.

Cutaway of a NuScale 45 MWe SMR
Source: NuScale PowerSpecialist nuclear consultancy