SMR Nuclear Technology Pty Ltd (SMR-NT) is an independent Australian-owned specialist consulting company.

SMR-NT was established to advise on and facilitate the siting, development and operation of safe nuclear power generation technologies, principally by Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).

SMR-NT’s directors have over 100 years of combined experience in power generation, including nearly 50 years of nuclear power generating experience.


June 2022 - A Just Transition to Low-Emissions Technology – Repowering Coal-fired Power Stations in Australia with SMRs. June 2022 update incorporating the latest retirement dates and comments received on the February edition.
December 2021 - University of Queensland, “What would be required for nuclear energy plants to be operating in Australia from the 2030s?”
October 2021 - We compared the overnight capital costs in Australia for SMRs, renewables and fossil fuels with CCS and the winner is:
September 2021 - Is nuclear power sustainable? We compare SMRs to renewables.
August 2021 - The Case for SMRs in Australia 2021
March 2021 - SMR Global Status Report
February 2021 - Inquiry into the development of a hydrogen industry in New South Wales – SMR-NT submission (S21) to the NSW Legislative Council Standing Committee on State Development
2021 - New report from NuScale (USA) examines the benefits of re-powering retiring coal fired power stations with SMRs, including the transition of workers to similar positions
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Roadmap for deployment of SMRs in Australia

SMR Nuclear Technology