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10 Steps to Naval Nuclear Supply Chain Certification - Webinar
Thursday 2 November 2023  12:30pm to 2:00pm

The Defence Teaming Centre and Bureau Veritas have partnered to bring to industry a webinar on Naval Nuclear Supply Chain Certification.

In this webinar, Lynn Williams, Principal Nuclear Engineer at Bureau Veritas will discuss the 10 steps to naval nuclear supply chain certification in detail. She will also provide an overview of the benefits of certification and how Bureau Veritas can help Australian businesses to achieve their goals.

Jeremy Leu, General Manager Certification Services for Australia, Bureau Veritas will talk about the benefits of quality management systems certification for Australian businesses, including increased market access, improved reputation, and competitive advantage talking about the track record and experience of ISO9001 and how it help build up local Australian capabilities.

Jasmin Diab, Partner at Global Nuclear Security Partners will be discussing about nuclear security policy and regulation, including the role of the IAEA and other international organizations and how ISO 19443 will help Australia demonstrate compliance with international rules.

The recent cancellation of the Future Submarine Program has had a significant impact on the Australian defence industry. However, Bureau Veritas believes that the AUKUS partnership presents a unique opportunity for Australian businesses to break into the global nuclear submarine supply chain.

By becoming certified as a naval nuclear supplier, Australian businesses can open up new business opportunities, increase opportunities overseas, improve their reputation, demonstrate organisational skills and capability, and help to win new contracts.

Bureau Veritas is a long-standing and trusted provider of supply chain assurance and certification to all three AUKUS nations Naval and Nuclear industries. As a Sovereign Industry Partner to the Royal Australian Navy, they are committed to supporting the Australian defence industry grow in developing a tangible pathway to become compliant with the requirements of the UK, US and Australian nuclear powered submarine sustainment and construction supply chain.


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