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2018 NEWS

Nuclear Fuel Cycle (Facilitation) Bill (2017). This private members bill to remove nuclear prohibitions in Commonwealth laws had its second reading in the Senate in Nov 2017. SMR-NT sent a Submission (March 2018) and Supplemental Information (August 2018) to all senators encouraging them to support this bill.

AusYGN wins bid to host the International Youth Nuclear Congress 2020 in Sydney.

“Nuclear Power and its Potential Role in Economic Development in Australia"

Robert Pritchard, Executive Director, Energy Policy Institute of Australia, May 2018.

SMR-NT Letter to Senators (March 2018)

SMR-NT’s submission to Senators on the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (Facilitation) Bill (sent March 2018)

SMR-NT in the news – Keith Orchison’s “This is Power” post discusses lifting the ban on nuclear (issued 16 January 2018)

NuScale SMR receives important safety validation – US NRC agrees SMR needs no back-up electrical power (January 2018)

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