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SMRs – Power for the community

SMR Nuclear Technology Pty Ltd (SMR-NT) invites communities interested in learning about the possibility of having a Small Modular Reactor (SMR) in their area to contact us. This is a way of learning more without any commitment. Expressions of interest are completely without obligation.

Nuclear power may be the only reliable, low-emissions source of electricity generation technology that is suitable for you, unless your area has an unlimited supply of water for hydro-electric.

The construction of any nuclear power plant is currently prohibited by Australian law but there is a growing realisation that maintaining the reliability and affordability of our electricity supply whilst lowering emissions will require all low-emissions technologies to be considered.

There are currently 448 nuclear power reactors operating in 31 countries generating 11% of the world’s electricity. Many countries, such as France, Belgium and Sweden, have achieved low-emissions from electricity generation with nuclear power plants, and have some of the world’s lowest electricity prices. Australia could be just a step away from joining these ranks, and considering the prospect of installing SMRs could be the best way to prepare for your community’s future.


The features of SMRs are:

  • SMRs are the modern, safe, breakthrough technology. They don’t need to be near water

  • Small means they are inherently safe, avoiding Fukushima-type accidents

  • Small Modular means they are factory-built and affordable and they can be expanded as required

  • SMRs are compatible with renewables and

  • SMRs are perfect for modern electricity grid systems and can easily be located in remote communities.


One example is the 50 MW NuScale (USA) SMR that can supply 40,000 households with power – With their operation, SMRs such as these could easily support many of our Australian communities with a reliable, low emissions power source and at the same time will generate local jobs and lower the cost of household electricity.


When asked about nuclear power, the first concern of many people is safety. This paper describes how we make modern reactors safe

Interested to get further information?

Go to the CONTACT US section on this website

We will send you more information and you can decide whether you would like a detailed briefing.

SMR Nuclear Technology is absolutely committed to working with Australian communities.

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