SMR Nuclear Technology Pty Ltd (SMR-NT) is an independent Australian-owned specialist consulting company.

SMR-NT was established to advise on and facilitate the siting, development and operation of safe nuclear power generation technologies, principally by Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).

SMR-NT’s directors have over 100 years of combined experience in power generation, including nearly 50 years of nuclear power generating experience.

“Net Zero Emissions Target”

SMR Nuclear Technology are calling on the Commonwealth Parliament to introduce legislation to lift the nuclear ban at federal level and on the Parliamentary Inquiries presently under way in the New South Wales and Victorian Parliaments to support the lifting of the nuclear ban in their respective States.

“Not without your approval: a way forward for nuclear technology in Australia”

Report of the inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy.

SMR Nuclear Technology welcomes the release of the Federal Nuclear Inquiry report and is pleased that there are many references to the SMR-NT submission (number 39) in the report.

The Environment and Energy Committee of the House of Representatives has recommended the introduction of nuclear technology in Australia subject to community agreement.

The Committee report  has made three very sensible recommendations to the Commonwealth Government:

  1. That nuclear technology be considered as part of the future energy mix;
  2. That the Government undertake a body of work to progress the understanding of nuclear technology in the Australian context; and
  3. That the Government consider lifting the current moratorium on nuclear energy partially—that is, for new and emerging nuclear technologies only, and conditionally—that is, subject to the results of a technology assessment and to a commitment to community consent for approving nuclear facilities.

These three recommendations will be welcomed both by industry and by the wider community.


September 2020 - SMR-NT Global Status Report. This report identifies that the two reactors at Pevek are now in commercial operation producing electricity and district heating, three other SMRs are under construction and many more are at an advanced stage of licensing.
June 2020 - A Submission by SMR Nuclear Technology Pty Ltd (SMRNT) to the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources Technology Investment Roadmap Discussion Paper,
Oct 2019 - SMR-NT submission to the NSW Legislative Council’s Standing Committee on State Development Inquiry into the Uranium Mining and Nuclear Facilities (Prohibitions) Repeal Bill 2019 including additional submission on costs.
Sept 2019 - SMR-NT submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy Inquiry into the Prerequisites for Nuclear Energy in Australia (Federal Nuclear Inquiry) including two additional appendices.

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Roadmap for deployment of SMRs in Australia

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